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Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a huge fan of ‘Saga.’ What they may be unaware of is that my favorite character is Lying Cat, who’s sometimes called “L.C.” She’s awesome and she’ll never let anyone play you. These are the reasons why I think everyone should have a Lying Cat––you know if they actually existed.

  1. She talks––well sort of. She’s capable of saying only one word, “lying!” It would be so cool to have a cat that can kind of sort of communicate with you…you know, so you’re not stuck talking to yourself all the time…like me. Heh.
  2. She can taste the deceit!!!––She’ll call out anyone’s bullsh*t and yours. She’ll always let you know who is lying to you. I’m not sure how her genetic makeup allows her to pick out dishonest people and I don’t care. I’d just be glad to have another friend who can keep it real. With all of the deceitful people of the world, you could definitely benefit from having her as a pal.
  3. She’s fiercely loyal. She’s not always the nicest kitty, but the love is there. When she bonds with you and you treat her well, she’ll love you forever. Remember when she was forced to choose between The Will and Sophie? Even though she had a hard time choosing because she loved them both, she ultimately picked Sophie­­––the one she’s bonded more deeply to. [Chapter #41]. 
    lying cat 3 chooses sophie
    Between a rock and a hard place. Lying Cat chooses Sophie.  [Courtesy of Image Comics]
  4. She’ll protect you. She’s no scared-y cat­­! Heh. If someone comes at you, she’ll be there to take ‘em down!
  5. She’s pretty darn cute! I know most people find hairless cats hideous, but there’s something so adorable about her. I’m not sure if it’s her little wrinkles or her unique blue-green skin, whatever it is––I love it!
  6. You’ll never be screwed over. I can be a bit cynical at times and it takes me a very very…very long time to trust someone. It would be nice to know who I shouldn’t even bother dealing with from jump street. Lying Cat will never let you waste your precious time on fakes!
  7. You’ll never be alone! She follows you foot to foot so if you’re someone who likes company, Lying Cat is your gal.
  8. She’s sensitive. If you’re hurting, she feels for you. It was clear that her heart broke for The Will when he learned that his former flame, The Stalk was killed [Chapter #6].
    The Will learns the Stalk dies Lying Cat cb
    Look at that sweet face! [Courtesy of Image Comics]
  9. She’s down for anything––wherever you go, she goes. If you’re headed to a sex planet to get laid because your girl dumped you…she’s there. If you need to kill some enemies…she’ll not only be there, but she’ll get in the ring with you [Chapter #4]!

*Hint: The above two pics are in a gallery, click on them to get a good look! The featured image is a gallery too! [Courtesy of Image Comics]

There you have it! Isn’t she great?! Who wouldn’t want a bada*s kitty sidekick like her? Watch out Sophie, I’m coming for your cat!

So tell me, would you want a Lying Cat?


P.S. Find ‘Saga’ on Barnes and Noble here! 

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