Bi or gay? Lionel Higgin’s Sexual Exploration in ‘Dear White People’ – S1:E2 – “Chapter 2”

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Episode Recap:

Warning! Spoilers!!! 

In this episode we get a close look at Lionel Higgin’s backstory. In the beginning, we learn about Lionel’s struggle to find barber’s that were willing to deal with his coarse, kinky hair. *It’s important to note that this entire episode is happening at the same time the events in the first episode are occurring. 

Troy, the president of C.O.R.E. aims to befriend Lionel because he’s garnered a sense of respect for him after he bashes the blackface party. and writes the popular cover story about it for The Winchester Independent (TWI). Troy lets Lionel in on the secret that he’ll soon be “knee deep in p*ssy” . . . well only if he cuts his ‘fro.

Troy, a rather attractive guy, has no problem with women and as Lionel’s dorm mate, Lionel is privy to hearing many of Troy’s romp sessions . . . most of which he decides to jerk off to. As sexy as they are . . . I don’t think I could survive listening to that every night. Or could I? Hmm. Wait . . . this isn’t about me! Ah.


Editor of the TWI, Silvio invites him to a theater-kids party to help Lionel find some sexual awakening. Silvio also assumes Lionel is gay, which Lionel quickly denies. Silvio responds by saying:

How can you hope to arrive at a truth when you can’t find your own? Trust me. Find your label.

Lionel attends the party and sees a handsome White boy named Connor eyeing him for the majority of the night. They spend many moments just watching and following each other. He then meets a redhead Becca who knows Connor. They both think he’s cute and eventually they all meet up at Connor and Becca’s place.

While being with both of them, and making out with each, Lionel realizes that he’s gay, since he’s not really feeling the girl. But, I doubt he’d like her anyway since she told him he looks like Wiz Khalifa (he doesn’t). All Black people don’t look alike Becca!! I’ve been told I look like Tyra Banks. Like really? Have you seen Tyra? Moving along . . .

Silvio texts Lionel while he’s at the party and he learns that Silvio hacked into the Dean’s computer and they realize that someone other than Pastiche  sent out the invites. Lionel deduces that it must have been Sam White. Silvio pushes him to write the story, but his conscience won’t allow him to do it and he warns Sam, blowing his own scoop.

In the final scenes, we’re back in Troy and Lionel’s room and Lionel decides to take Troy up on his offer to cut his hair and he comes out as gay to Troy.

Then, later we watch Lionel who’s freshly trimmed, once again wanking to another one of Troy’s sexy times.

Episode Take Aways & Rating 


  1. I didn’t really enjoy this episode as much as the first one. It felt anticlimactic because the big reveal—the fact that Sam sent out the invite—was something we already knew from the first episode. This episode didn’t leave me wanting more.
  2. I hated Becca, she’s clearly super ignorant. Also, her line “I get handsy when I’m drunk,” rubbed me the wrong way! GRR! This is something I’ll never understand about people. I’ve had guys feel me up in clubs claiming that they “just get touchy if they’re drunk” . . . but if you’re aware of your actions, aren’t you sober enough to . . .  you know, not touch me?!?! Back off perv, my personal bubble is a mile wide.
  3. The aspect of this episode that I did enjoy was that it made me think about whether or not we need labels in regards to sexual orientation? In my opinion, I find labels to be rather restrictive. I believe that sexuality is fluid and mine fluctuates from time to time. Some days I find myself looking at women and other days I’m only thinking of boys! It may sound strange to those who don’t experience this, but that’s how it feels for me.

What did you think of this episode? How did you feel about learning about Lionel’s backstory? Do you think labels are necessary why or why not? 

Stay tuned for my post on the next episode!

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