Blogger Advice: It’s Okay To Be A Nerd, Because Nerds Are Muy Caliente!

Greetings fellow ComixBawses!

This is random as f*ck, but I kind of want to rant a lil’ bit. This is something that I’ve been thinking about lately . . . more so than usual. I was having a conversation with my best friend and we were talking about worrying about what others think of you.  I’ve received harsh comments from strangers and even from people I know. I’ve been called boring, too introverted, and awkward.

Does this sound familiar to you? Has this ever happened to you?

Probably. Hopefully not, but . . .

Ask yourself this question: How often do I think of other people? 

Not often huh? When you really think about it, the majority of the time . . . you’re thinking of yourself. Am I right? Yeah a few people or situations seep into your mind a few times during the day, but most of the time you’re worried about, oh I don’t know, your bladder exploding because you haven’t peed in six hours since you started writing your newest blog post. Or, maybe you’re thinking about what you want for dinner. Or, you’re thinking of setting a bedtime goal of like 10pm which you already know you won’t make because reading is just oh-so-fun! Who needs sleep when you can read a book?

nerd pics 2
Image Courtesy of Zazzle 

What I want to say is that, it doesn’t really matter what the F*CK people think about you! Like really? I know it can be hard at times, but why bother to spend so much time worrying about what others think about you? It’ll just make you crazy and there’s no reason to change yourself for anyone because there’s only one you in this whole crazy world . . . which is AWESOME!

I’m a nerd. A Black girl nerd. A geek. An ambivert who’s usually more introverted. A reader. A writer. A gyal who sometimes thinks books are better than real life. And, you know what? I really effing love that about myself. I love nerdy people. Weird people. Geeky people. I like people who read or write or draw! I’m drawn to people who get emotionally attached to books, or anime characters or tv characters. I like gamers! I like people who analyze the hell of anything and everything simply because they think it’s fun. I’ve never found enjoyment in just simply reading something. I wanna analyze the crap out of it and rip it wide open!!! I want to seize that book and ride it like a cowgirl!! I want to break down that character’s personality. I want to find myself within the protagonist of a story (or within the antagonist if I’m feeling devilish. Heh.) I’m a nerd and I totally embrace that. You should too 🙂

I’ve realized that when I’m totally myself, people can’t get enough of me! Same goes for me, when you’re really yourself I won’t be able to get enough of your nerdy ways either! You know why? Because it’s sexy as f*ck! When I see a guy or gyal with a book in their hand, my insides are set ablaze and if I’m not sleep deprived there’s a 100% chance that I’ll ask you about the book you’re reading and then snag your number! *wink*

So, to all the bloggers who love to geek out over books, comics, writing etc. keeping doing you because honestly there’s nothing hotter than a nerd!

Also, there’s this one quote I think is hilarious:

“Well-read and good in bed.”

Hahahahaha! You know why nerds are good in bed? Because we’ll think about every aspect of sex and make sure it’s freaking amazing!! So, besides our wicked intellect and engaging conversations, we’re sex gods! YEAAAAAHHH!

Now, who could call that boring?

nerds are sexy
Like Duh! [Image Courtesy of Wrong Planet]

Happy Hump Day! (*giggity*) #PeopleWhoReadAreHot #NerdIsTheNewSexy 🔥


Featured Image: Quagmire meme courtesy of Quick Meme

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I'm an avid comic reader and I want to share my analyses of them with the world. I love cats and brownies and I've been told on many occasions that I'm weird-but-in-a-good-way!

5 thoughts on “Blogger Advice: It’s Okay To Be A Nerd, Because Nerds Are Muy Caliente!

  1. I feel like I needed to read something like this right now!
    As you know, I’ve recently began my public journey as a Black girl nerd, so I’m constantly second guessing myself. Asking myself questions like:
    “Should I be doing this?”
    “Who the f*ck cares about my boring-ass life?”
    “Aren’t there already enough of us out there? No one will care about me.”
    And then I see your post, and I’m like “F*ck yeah! I’m awesome! I’m totally doing the right thing!”
    And I know I’m making the right choice because I’m already meeting new people and forming my own little community online as a Black girl nerd.
    I’m glad you wrote this piece because it showed me that we all have our own stories, and that they’re all valid in their own right! I’m going to continue to embrace myself for who I am and know that I will attract the right people along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY! I’m so happy this made you good. It was a struggle for me too, because I was like there’s so many other bloggers already! Maybe I’ll seem boring to others. I was definitely apprehensive, but I decided to just go for it and it’s so fun! Definitely embrace all of the things that interest you. People can spot fake people form a mile away (well . . . sometimes if they’re paying attention) but yeah you will deinfietly find people who care about this stuff. There’s people who write, those who read and some who do both. People will find you and you can reach out to people you think are cool too! I’ll definitely be reading your stuff! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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