Dear Men, Sit The F*ck Down Because You Have No Control Over Women’s Bodies – The Newest and Most Amazing Volume of ‘Saga’ Tackles Abortion

Greetings fellow ComixBawses!

I received a copy of the newest volume of Saga this past Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend. He knows how much I love Saga so this was the best surprise ever! Here’s how it went:

I love Barnes and Noble so I order things from them rather frequently, but when an unexpected B&N package showed up on my doorstep I was scared! My first thought was: Oh sh*t maybe I had accidentally bought something that I shouldn’t have! Crap! While holding my breath, I proceeded to tear open the hideous and way-too-big-for-one-book brown box only to reveal the lovely neon yellow gem that is the eighth volume of Saga. Upon further digging, I found a cute note from my man and clutched it to my chest thinking how sweet of a gift it was. Then, I sighed in relief because I realized it wasn’t my money! Phew! I’m glad I finally got around to reading this comic because it’s oh-so-good and I’m here to share some things about it with all of you!


If you couldn’t tell by the title, abortion plays a central theme in this volume. In fact, that’s really all this volume was about. For those of you who haven’t read this comic, here’s some background information:

Alana and Marko are beings hailing from two very very different worlds. In fact, their worlds are so different that love or any kind of sexual relationships between members of either planet is forbidden. Alana is from Landfall—a technologically advanced planet where everyone has wings. Marko is from a much smaller planet that relies heavily on magic and everyone there has horns! Long story short, Alana was in the army and was directed to hold Marko captive, but he weaseled his way into her heart! They threw up their middle fingers to their governing laws and decided to f*ck anyway. Not only did they lay up together, they eventually ended up with a bun in the oven—a daughter they named Hazel! Now, they’re being hunted down by several other species who want to take the baby and kill them! In volume 7 we learn that Marko and Alana have conceived another child. They just can’t stop can they? I don’t blame them, they’re both hot and Marko is um . . . well-endowed. Heh. Unfortunately their second baby doesn’t make it and dies inside of Alana.

Volume 8 opens with Alana and Earl Robot LI (aka Sir Robot) entering the sandy, almost deserted, and kind of creepy village known as “Abortion Town.” They didn’t leave much to the imagination with that name did they? But, honesty is best. Anyway, they meet this owl—at least I think she’s an owl—who greets them. She goes by the name of Doctor Sheriff and she inquires about how far along Alana is in her pregnancy. Alana responds by saying she’s eight months along and Doctor Sheriff is taken aback because she’s much too far along to be helped her “in her time of need.” Of course this both shocks and angers them, but it especially angers Sir Robot. Doctor Sheriff; however, spits out the best clapback of all time:

Wish it weren’t the case, but we’re under Landfall jurisdiction. You don’t like their rules for a woman’s body, you can take it up with the wings’ elected officials . . . most of which ain’t women, mind you.

Oh snap! When I read that line I was like yaaaasss Queen. What I’ve always admired about this series is that it’s not afraid to tell the truth about the plights that certain groups of people face. I think that’s what great storytellers do: they have the ability to weave reality into creative writing. Yes, the plots can be fun or downright outlandish, but the themes are serious and culturally relevant.

Even though Dr. Sheriff is unable to provide assistance, she does let them in on a little secret . . . she tells them about The Badlands. Basically, The Badlands is a scary place where anything and everything can be done, no questions asked *shivers.* A good portion of the volume follows Marko, Alana, and Hazel as they travel to The Badlands. I’m not going to say what happens when they get there, because as you know I hate retelling an entire story.

But after reading this volume my biggest question was,


They shouldn’t, but they do.

I’m pro-choice. But outside of the controversial subject of abortion, I’m pro-women should do whatever the f*ck they want! I’m not a man-hater, but when it comes to my body, screw men and their persistent meddling (I realize that not all men are this way, but this is directed towards those who are). This isn’t just in regards to abortion (I’ll come back to that in a moment) but in anything that women do—how we dress, talk, think, act, or feel. When we wear a sexy dress, we’re called thotties, but when we wear something too conservative they think that we won’t put out—even though our choice in outfit has no correlation to our libido. We’re either too emotional or we’re deemed heartless ice queens. We’re too loud or too mousy. When does it stop? Even as I’m sitting here typing this, my blood is starting to boil. Like, shut the f*ck up dudes because some of you really suck!

I’m going to use a brief personal anecdote here—like most men, my boyfriend despises my granny panties, in fact this infographic showed that out of 1,000 men surveyed only 1% of men liked granny panties. Well, that’s too bad, because I adore them. See?

granny and sexy panties cb .jpg

I’m not going to get rid of them (well I got rid of the ones that had holes in them because that’s just ugly and sad) and I’m going to continue to buy more of them. Why? because the panties are for me and they’re going to be worn by me and only me. Granny panties are the most comfortable kinds of panties on the planet and I’ll never give them up! NEVER EVER! #SorryNotSorry babe. Yeah I have lace panties and a handful of thongs, but they’re not my favorites. The fact that he doesn’t like my granny panties isn’t the main point—that’s simply an opinion, but the the fact that he felt that he had a say in what underwear I wore was the main issue. Opinions are understandable, but requests/laws/commands are not. Too many men are interfering in issues that don’t really concern them. Why do they care about what a gal’s dress looks like if the main goal is to get underneath it at some point during the courtship Netflix & Chill phase? Why do they care about what kind of underwear a woman is wearing if they’re simply going to take it off?

I don’t particularly fault my boyfriend for feeling that he had a say in what I wore because . . . you know . . . patriarchy, but I’m not saying it’s okay either. I’m simply saying that there may be reasons why some men tell women what they should or shouldn’t wear. Here are my guesses—maybe it’s because they have nothing else better to do (men’s fashion is far less interesting than women’s clothing in my opinion). Or, maybe it’s because they feel an incessant need to be in control because they’ve learned as kids that men are supposed to be dominant and women are supposed to be submissive. Or, maybe it’s because they’re realizing that women are becoming more and more independent and that scares them. I don’t know! *pounds fist on table in anger*

But back to what Dr. Sheriff said, she spoke a lot of truth because here in America most of our elected officials are men. When it comes to the opposite sex, men—in my opinion—are totally clueless about vaginas except for the fact that some men know what it feels like to be inside of one—which is totally different from actually having one. Male gynecologists may know what goes on in there, but they still don’t know what it’s like to have one. So, still . . . it’s different. I’m happy about the fact that back in January of this year the Senate decided not to pass a bill that had supported a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. I have some hope in our nation because of that, but I’m still mad that that’s even a thing. I think life is a blessing . . . but I don’t agree with the fact that so many men get to tell women what they believe their blessings should be. Some women don’t think that children are a blessing and others do. Even those that do think children are precious, they may not want them at a certain point in time and honestly that decision should only be up to them . . . not by an orange man in a too-big suit.


(It takes two people to have sex . . . unless you’re indulging in self pleasure, but I’m talking about the kind of sex that makes babies!)

There’s two panels that really stood out to me in this volume. Take a look below:

Image Courtesy of Image Comics
Image Courtesy of Image Comics

What was your first reaction to this?—tell me in the comments!

Mine was anger. It’s clear that both of them were irresponsible, but the way that I interpreted this scene is that while they’re both upset about the situation, the man is more displeased by the fact that he had to take time off to deal with it. That’s what angered me because he had the energy to bang her and knock her up, but is acting like—as Olivia Pope from Scandal says—a bitch baby. You seethey both created that child; however, he’s kind of acting like it’s her fault and that she’s the main one to blame. Just as women should have control over their own bodies, I do believe that men can and should take responsibility for their own bodies too. I recognize that the woman didn’t do that in this case, BUT the man could have worn a condom and he chose not to. They both conceived a child together, but why is that women are always the ones to blame when they get pregnant? Some women can’t use birth control because it makes them nauseous, gain weight or makes them break out—of course we don’t get that much detail about these nameless characters—but I do think that this scene was included in this story to highlight something I find important. It shows me that when it comes to birth control (in some cases for couples or f*ck buddies) that it’s okay for men to control what goes in a woman’s body, but men don’t want to be told what to do with theirs. Then, when sh*t hits the fan and an unwanted pregnancy happens, the blame is 100% on the woman. To me, this is still a form of male control over the female form—albeit a more indirect one. Yes, women and men are equally responsible for creating a child, but if they’re both equally responsible then the responsibility of  birth control should be split 50/50 and the cause/blame of why a pregnancy happened should be placed on both parties equally.

Overall, I give the volume a rating of:

★★★★★ (5/5)

I really enjoyed this volume and like always, Saga never fails to deliver. It was exciting and some new characters were introduced so that was really fun. Most of all though, I loved the issues that the story decided to delve into; that’s what made it really special for me.

Do you read Saga? What’s your stance on abortion? Do you feel that men should have a say in abortion? Do you think more men should concern themselves with birth control for themselves (i.e. condoms)? Do you think Alana and Marko are insanely hot too? Tell me!


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4 thoughts on “Dear Men, Sit The F*ck Down Because You Have No Control Over Women’s Bodies – The Newest and Most Amazing Volume of ‘Saga’ Tackles Abortion

  1. Oh my god! I knew Saga went there, but I ain’t know Saga went THERE! I’ve heard sooooo many good things about the series, but now I’m sort of sad my first volume has been collecting dust for so many years 😦

    I also love when reality is beautifully woven into creative works, and I see this universe is not too different from our own. Men still out there being ain’t shit! Lmao. It’s amazing how entitled men feel to our bodies and what we choose to do with/to them. It’s a deeply ingrained system all over the world, and I just wish they would STOP! Like who told them they could be like this? I could never be as bold and out-of-place as them, but for some reason (the patriarchy), they don’t give a f*ck and continue to stick their noses where they don’t belong. *sigh*

    I loved your post, girl. The wait was well worth it. Can’t wait to see what you have next!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks so much fro taking the time to read it! For real though, Saga is everything. They choose such relevant issues to weave throughout there stories and some parts I read and I’m just like daaaaaammmmn! Lol. It’s crazy how accurate and blunt this series can be. I adore it! If you find time to read you’ll certainly be in for a real treat 😀

      and yeah men seem to continuously insert themselves into spaces where they don’t belong . . . *bleh* It’s really frustrating then they’ll get mad a female gamers because they think that girls can’t be so involved in video games. Like really? smh.

      Liked by 1 person

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