What’s On Your #BookBucketList? & The Must-Have App for Bibliophiles! (Comments Thread)

Greetings fellow ComixBawses!

Time for another #RandomAsF*ck post!!! Yay!!!

So, I recently downloaded an app on my phone and it’s the best app I’ve ever downloaded—it’s also free which makes it ten times better! I had been searching for an app that would help me plan out all of the books that I want to read. I assumed that—since there’s literally an app for anything—there would certainly be an app that would help me organize my book library. In my search, an app called “Reading List.”  popped up. I immediately clicked on it, because the name was straightforward and because I liked the simple open blue book that the app used as its icon—it was cute to me. I dowloaded that along with a few other book logging apps like: “Stacks” and “Reading List: Keep Track of Your Books”. I tried out all three of them and I just preferred the functionality of “Reading List” better as well as the design.

It’s a really neat and clean design and it was simple to use. It separates your books into three categories:

  • READING – the books that you’re currently reading
  • TO READ – the books that you want to read and haven’t started reading yet
  • FINISHED – the books you’ve already read and can’t wait to tell everyone about

You also have the option to make categories for your books, I haven’t used this function yet because I personally don’t want to set my books up into categories (I’m not that organized). There’s also a “Sort” function that will let you choose how you want your books to be organized either by date, title, or by the first letter of the author’s last name. I chose to do it by title because I remember books titles better than names. My FAVORITE function on this app is that it is linked to Google and you can use the app’s search engine to find books. You also have the option to put in book information manually (ew) or . . . wait for it . . . you can SCAN THE BARCODE and it’ll autofill the information for you! If you’re out at Barnes and Noble or Newbury Comics, you can just scan-on-the-go so you’ll forever avoid all of the oh there was this one cool book that I saw today, but I can’t remember the name of it moments . . . because those moments really really f*cking suck!

My second favorite function on this app is that you can input which page you left off on and it’ll track your percentage completion of the book. For example, if the book you’re reading is 100 pages long and you’re on page 50, the app will tell you the book is 50% complete! How cool is that? But wait, you may be thinking how does the app know how many pages each book is (it’s a ghost . . . just kidding), but remember what I told you earlier about Google? Yeah! It’s Google that knows! All the information about the book is pulled from Google and the page count will be auto-filled as well. So kewl. I would believe it if there was a magical ghost in the app because this is some sorcery sh*t right here. But seriously, it’s so AWESOME!!!



I didn’t read all of these on March 24th (I’m not that fast lol). I just put some books I had previously finished into the app, because well . . . because why not? Hehe 🙂

MY FAVORITE CURRENT READ – Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Here’s one of my most current reads and how far along I am in the novel. I’m almost done 🙂 I’m freaking obsessed with this book!!


I thought it would be fun to start a thread so everyone can share what their current reads are; I think it would make for a nice discussion. If you choose to comment (I hope that you do) please provide a small summary of the book you’re currently reading and why you’re loving (or hating) it so far. Also, if you’re not reading a book, comic/graphic novel, or manga at the moment then feel free to tell me the t.v. show or anime that you’re currently watching! I’d love to know that too!

[Psst. I’m currently watching This Is Us (tv drama), The Ancient Magus Bride (anime)and America’s Next Top Model (reality tv).]

I hope this thread will become a fun place where everyone can share their current reads and it may even urge other people to go pick up those books and start reading them too! I’m always on the hunt for awesome books and tv shows so please leave a comment and let’s get this thang started!


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  1. Factfulness: ten reasons you are wrong about the world – and why things are better than you think. According to Bill Gates it’s the best book he has ever read.

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