My First NY Comic Con Experience!

Greetings fellow ComixBawses!!!

Long time no see! Work and school have been keeping me extremely busy, but I just wanted to write a quick post about my NYCC 2018 experience. It was FREAKING AWESOME!

Omg! This past September, I finally made it to my first comic convention. I had always been nervous about attending one because I’m not a huge fan of crowds (introvert here) and I wasn’t sure if I could handle thousands of people.

I was so wrong!

I decided to just face my fear and take the plunge, besides if it sucked I could always just go home. With some help from my masters program, I was able to volunteer with Boom! Studios and help them sell comics. That was was really exciting considering I hope to one day work for a comics publisher! It also made me feel very welcomed to the comic con community.

Everyone at comic con is BEYOND friendly, the fact that I had been nervous to attend is insane, so I’m really glad that I ended up going. I even had the chance to meet three of my favorite cosplayers LivelyCosplay, JenniferVanDamsel, and IvyDoomKitty! They were all  incredibly nice young women! I fan-girled pretty hard!

[Pics from L to R: IvyDoomKitty, LivelyCosplay, JenniferVanDamsel]

I also met Jackie Ball, one of the co-writers of Goldie VanceShe and I had a great conversation about diversity in comics.

me and jackie ball
Jackie Ball!

I attended IvyDoomKitty’s body positivity panel which was amazing. She’s an excellent motivational speaker and it was cool to see another woman empowering others.

Have you ever been to a con? What was your experience like? If you haven’t been to one, would you go? ComixBawse-5

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