About Me

me in batman tee

Hi! Thanks for dropping by ComixBawse. I’m Ayana and I’m a major over-thinker. I enjoy reading deeply into comics, anime, books, and television shows to find the deeper meaning in them. Does it comment on race, sex, love, or society as a whole? I like to dig deep and find out! If you’re an over-analyzing geek, then you’re a #ComixBawse too! I hope you enjoy my blog!

Get to Know Me: Ten Facts

  1. I’m getting my Masters degree in Publishing.
  2. I’m a former staff writer and copyeditor.
  3. I have a B.S. in Chemistry from Duquesne University.
  4. My favorite novels are historical fiction and fictional romance.
  5. I’m currently writing a comic book.
  6. I love pizza, brownies, and kittens.
  7. Blue is my favorite color because it puts me in a peaceful mood and I just think it’s really pretty!
  8. My handwriting changes with my mood!
  9. I like to travel! I’ve been to Curaçao, the Bahamas, Key West, and Mexico. The next place I’d like to visit is Trinidad (my mom is from there) or Italy because . . . pizza—but I can also speak a little Italian and I can read/write it pretty well too!
  10. I’m a twin!

That’s me in a nutshell!

Do we have anything in common?


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